MIMOA stops permanently

Author: Mieke, Posted: May 12th, 2019

After 12,5 years… the curtain falls for MIMOA.
I would like to thank the dedicated fans, users and partners, who co-created MIMOA, for all the effort, support and joy in the past years.
It was an honour to assist you all in your search for the architectural gems around the World and it was with great joy to see that by handing you the simple tools of MIMOA you helped eachother discovering architecture around the globe.

Keep on travelling and sharing!
I am convinced that with all the platforms, socials and apps available these days, you will do fine without MIMOA.

Follow MIMOA on Insta
All social accounts and pages fo MIMOA will end as well, except for the MIMOA Instagram account. This insta account will stay in the air and will be managed by Nazar, one of the most active MIMOA members. Follow him on Insta and stay tuned to discover great architecture

May 23rd MIMOA.eu will shut down permanently.
All project and account info will be removed. If you wish to download any info or guides from MIMOA, make sure to do it before this date.

All the very best to you all!

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Donating to MIMOA

Author: Mieke, Posted: April 25th, 2018

We have done our very best, but unfortunately we did not achieve our funding goal at Kickstarter.
The outcome is different than hoped for, but at the same time we are very proud of what we have achieved and of all the positive and positive reviews / tweets / posts we received during the campaign.

What happens now?
MIMOA needs a technical innovation to keep up with the current digital developments and to continue to grow, that is a fact. So we will consider how we can shape the future of MIMOA and how we can raise the essential investment in other ways. We are not giving up!

Donate directly to MIMOA!
Unfortunately all donations that came in on Kickstarter are automatically refunded. As some of the backers indicated to wish to give the donation anyway, we decided to offer the option to donate directly to MIMOA on our own website. If you love and care for MIMOA, you can here voluntarily donate to MIMOA:



Every little bit helps and with your donation we can still make the first steps towards a new MIMOA!

Read here more information about how to donate and what you can, connect and profit from your donation: mimoa.eu/blog/donate

Thank YOU! 💚



Support MIMOA on Kickstarter!

Author: Mieke, Posted: March 20th, 2018

Screenshot MIMOA Kickstarter Video

We are excited to announce that today we launched the MIMOA crowdfund campaign on Kickstarter, with the goal to realize a mobile-first redesign of MIMOA that travels with you wherever you go. To get off to a flying start we invite you to visit our Kickstarter page, donate and choose your reward.

In the past 11 years MIMOA proved its existence and serves a growing community of traveling architects and architecture lovers, but technology has overtaken us and we urgently need to renew our software. In order to secure our valuable user-generated content and implement improvements you have so fiercely desired (yes, we got the message!), we are reaching out to all architecture fans around the world to  help build a complete new MIMOA: an advanced and innovative platform, future-proof to handle the growing number of visitors ánd optimised for mobile.

button donate

“I strongly believe in the future of MIMOA because there are still so much architectural treasures to be unearthed.  With architecture as our mutual passion, I am convinced that together we can take MIMOA to the next level.”  – Mieke Vullings, founder of MIMOA


We are very proud of our community and of what we together created  in the past 11 years. We are grateful for all the effort, support, time and energy you all donated to MIMOA.Let's keep MIMOA alive and continue in a new and up-to-date shape.
Let's do this together. We are counting on your support! hartje groen


Photo: MAAT – Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia
Designed by: Amanda Levete Architects
Credits: Francisco Nogueira (background photo) | Fernando Guerra, courtesy of Fundação EDP (mobile photo)

Collaborators on this campaign:

Logo DRT ENGa-nyc_logo-e1419350948154 u81-8

Media partner:

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Desayuno con Ramon Esteve

Author: Mieke, Posted: March 8th, 2018

IMG_2886-bn01-1024x683Recently I visited Valencia and was invited by Ramon Esteve Estudio to join them for their daily office breakfast.

Read what we discussed on their website >>
The blog is in Spanish, but see below the translation of a part of the blog.

It was a pleasure to talk with them about their work and MIMOA and to share our ambitions and inspirations.
Thanks Ramon and staff for your generous hospitality! 


A fear…
Due to the strong increase of mass tourism, some cities are getting flooded with tourists of which Amsterdam and Barcelona are just 2 examples. As a result, these cities may go down because of their own popularity. They are becoming hardly impossible to live in, locals are moving away, (foreign) investors and tourists are taking over. Also the attention is strongly drawn to the World famous classical attractions, disregarding the beauty and potential of places in the city which are less famous, more hidden but certainly just as (or even more) interesting.

A dream…
Architecture connecting people, making the World a better and safe place to live in. To be surrounded with like-minded people, sharing experiences, discovering new places…  releasing lots of positive and creative energy that catches on

A challenge…
For MIMOA to take an active role in preventing the above fear by spreading tourism and unlocking destinations.

Where do you usually find inspiration?
I mostly find my inspiration, while travelling: experiencing other cultures and meeting local people.

An advice…
Travel as much as you can to enjoy the real experience, instead of just a paper/online journey. And if you do, try to pass through your destination as a local by talking to locals, turning to the unbeaten track and discovering the hidden gems.



Sto Isoned: Global presence, local knowledge

Author: Mieke, Posted: January 25th, 2018

Guide Sto 9-11 memorial

Architecture guide Sto Isoned

This week, during the trade fair Gevel Online 2018 in Rotterdam, Sto Isoned presented a new architecture guide, created by MIMOA. The booklet shows expressive architecture all around the world, built with Sto products and systems. The 16 carefully selected projects – including the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York, designed by Davis Brody Bond and Snøhetta, Sogn & Fjordane Art Museum, designed by C.F. Møller Architects and Vitrahaus in Weil am Rhein by Herzog & De Meuron – express Sto's concept of “Global presence, local knowledge”.

Download here the Architecture guide – Sto Isoned >>

As a facade specialist, Sto Isoned has been building a finer and energy-efficient building stock for 60 years, worldwide. Under the motto 'Building with conscience', they provide not only with first-class products, but also with advice and services that bring enormous added value for the building process. For these reasons we are pleased to welcome Sto Isoned as MIMOA Master.

kaft Sto guide









Get inspired by STO's reference projects >>

Read more about the MIMOA Masters CLUB >>
View here more MIMOA guides >>
For more information about Sto Isoned, visit: www.sto.com




Opening Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino

Author: Mieke, Posted: November 27th, 2017

1859_FP633948The grand list of Iconic Apple Architecture by Foster and Partners has been added up with 2 new building completions in the last 2 months.

In October Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago was completed and last week the new Visitor Center along Tantau Avenue, also designed by Foster & Partners, opened to the public, bringing the experience of Apple Park closer than ever. Designed as an exclusive public gateway to Apple Park, it features an expansive roof terrace with stunning views of the main building that offers a unique glimpse into Apple Park.

Read here more about how to visit the Visitor Center >>

1859_FP633969Nestled within a carefully planted olive grove, an exceptionally transparent envelope sits below a floating carbon-fiber roof, which cantileves over outdoor seating areas on either side. lts softly-lit timber soffit gives the interior an inviting warmth, while the full-height glazing dematerializes the building volume.

Visitors are greeted with a large scaled model of Apple Park – seemingly suspended in mid-air-mil led and finished by the same machines that create the signature Apple products. Visitors also have the opportunity to get a closer look at the main building from the roof terrace of the Visitor Center, which offers an unmatched panoramic view of Apple Park. A delicate screen of thin, curved carbon­fiber fins shades the terrace, where people can relax and take photos against the lush backdrop of Apple Park.


Stefan Behling, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners commented, "The idea was to create a delicate pavilion where visitors can enjoy the same material palette and meticulous detailing seen in the Ring Building in a relaxed setting, against the backdrop of Apple Park."

Special Apple merchandise, exclusive to the Visitor Center, is available as souvenirs. At the southern end of the Visitor Center is a café – a place of relaxation and repose, where visitors can enjoy the verdant Californian landscape that surrounds Apple Park.

Several elements from the main building are replicated at the Visitor Center to give people a taste of the precision detailing at Apple Park. For instance, the design of the staircases is inspired by the similar ones in the main building, clad with the same quartz stone, and the countertop at the café is made with the same marble as the main restaurant.

More information about the Apple Visitor Center >>



New MIMOA Master: Alucobond

Author: Mieke, Posted: November 17th, 2017

46501_l-Manuel PanagetWe are pleased to introduce to you our newest member of the MIMOA Masters CLUB: ALUCOBOND®.
ALUCOBOND® is one of the famous brands, developed, manufactured and marketed by 3A Composites GmbH and represents high-quality aluminum composite panels for the architecture market.

The portfolio of 3A Composites counts numerous interesting and inspirational reference projects in many parts of the world.

Get inspired by ALUCOBOND's reference projects >>

Read more about the MIMOA Masters CLUB >>
For more information about ALUCOBOND, visit: www.alucobond.com




Winner 2017 RIBA Sterling Prize: Hastings Pier

Author: Mieke, Posted: November 8th, 2017

This week dRMM has won the 2017 RIBA Sterling Prize for their regeneration project of Hastings Pier. The RIBA Sterlin Prize is the annual award that celebrates the UK’s best new building.

In 2010, Hastings Pier was destroyed by a fire. dRMM took this as an opportunity to redefine what a pier could be in the 21st century.

Read more about the project here >>



Survey outcome and winners

Author: Mieke, Posted: September 29th, 2017

fanbaseTo evaluate and improve our service, we recently called for your help and asked to fill in the survey "Help us build MIMOA 2.0".

Due to the overwhelming amount of entries, we closed the survey earlier than planned. We stopped counting at 500. We would like to thank all of the participants for completing the MIMOA Survey and sharing your valuable feedback. The responses will definitely be of great help in preparation for MIMOA 2.0.

A few anwers we don't want to withhold from you:

Q1: "How disappointed would you be if MIMOA no longer existed tomorrow?"
We are very proud and also moved to see the clear majority indicating to be disappointed. And for even 56% of all participants it would be a deep disappointment.

Chart_Q1_170911_graphQ3: "What is the primary benefit that you have received from MIMOA?"
May be not that big of a surprise, but more a clear confirmation: nearly everyone answered the first option "It helps me prepare for my travels".
One of the biggest improvements in MIMOA 2.0 will be a mobile friendly design (first step of everything!), at some point in combination with a new app for iOS and Android. So in the future we expect to extend the MIMOA experience also during your travels.


Q5: Using scale 1 = Not at all important to 5 = Very important,how can we improve MIMOA to better meet your needs?
This was probably the most significant question for you as MIMOA user and fan. Clearly there is a large consensus that there is a need for improving the current services of MIMOA, as in searching and finding visitors information on architectural objects, worth a visit. On the other hand, you are wishing for finding locals, tour guides, events & curated guides; additional rich media (s.a. video content) and easier ways to rate & review. These are all options that we will investigate and evaluate during this whole process of renewal.


We are very pleased to have received the feedback and often profound feedback of our users and fanbase through this survey. 
Nearly 300 participants offered their future help for testing new functionalities, and we will definitely make use of this kind offer!

And the winners are…

We have raffled 5 copies of the book “Building Community” randomly among all participants, kindly provided by Thames & Hudson.
These are the 5 lucky winners:

Pierre Lion, from Wemmel, Belgium
Fabien Basmaison, from Saint-Germain-Lespinasse, France
David Fernandez Cobarro, from Murcia, Spain
Erik de Lange, from Groningen, The Netherlands
Alexandre de Alcantara, from
Paulista Pernambuco, Brasil


To all other participants: a big thank YOU for participating on behalf of our team and see you on MIMOA!



Experiencing Dutch culture at Schiphol Airport

Author: Mieke, Posted: September 10th, 2017

MIMOA_ArchitectureGuideNext_v092017_blog-headerArchitecture guide NEXT architects

On Thursday 7 September the new Holland Boulevard and Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport officially opened. With this international departure hall, NEXT architects designed a unique area bringing together commerce, art and culture.

On the occasion of the opening, MIMOA published a featured guide on NEXT Architects.  Starting point is the Holland Boulevard and the Rijksmuseum, then guiding you along 13 other projects by NEXT in the Amsterdam region. Including B. Amsterdam – the hotspot for startups and companies in the creative sector – and the award winning Melkwegbridge in Amstelveen.
Photography is provided by top architecture photographers Ossip, Iwan Baan, Jeroen Musch, Dirk Verwoerd and Francisco Nogueira.

Rijksmuseum Schiphol

02_Rijksmuseum__Ossip_kl photo Rijksmuseum, by Ossip

The Rijksmuseum is the highlight of Holland Boulevard: a modern and innovative framework for the masterpieces exhibited by the Rijksmuseum at Schiphol Airport. The curved walls presented an additional challenge and were realised by gluing together 10.000 strips of glass of 7 cm wide to form a solid glass wall.
The pavilion’s glass structure has a truly unique composition that is, above all, circular. This means that all single elements can be removed,” says Martin Weerheim, project leader at Saint-Gobain Glassolutions, who realised the U-shaped museum walls.
The resulting semi-transparent walls filter the light, creating a gradual transition from the hustle and bustle of Schiphol Airport to the art treasures shown by the Rijksmuseum,” adds Bart Reuser of NEXT.

View here more MIMOA guides >>