Help build a mobile-friendly MIMOA!


The investment to rebuild MIMOA is significant. That's why we are looking for ways to fund this new phase. Meanwhile – as every little bit helps! – we are reaching out to YOU, our community and MIMOA users to support us by donating. With your donation we intend to make the first steps towards a new MIMOA!



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We love to honor our supporters!
If you are running a business in architecture/design and you donate a minimum amount of € 100,- , please connect and we are open to discuss our favor in return. We love to showcase you, your service or product to our global community of architects and architecture lovers.
If you prefer to donate based on a VAT invoice, no problem! Please send us an email in advance and we will gladly draw up an invoice with the desired amount.

Thank YOU! 💚
If you send us an email with your postal address, Mieke Vullings – founder of MIMOA – would be pleased to personally send you a handwritten MIMOA Thank You card and we will keep you informed about the process!


More info about the new MIMOA:


The new MIMOA will make it easier to explore new destinations, and also re-discover the unknown closer to home. *
Most important features and improvements we are planning to make:

– A mobile-first redesign of the platform that will optimize the user experience and will provide information on the spot.

– New functionalities that will make it much easier for you to add reviews, ratings and extra photos (on location) and most importantly to add new buildings.

All leading to a faster growing community of like-minded architecture fans and an increase of high quality content and better coverage.


Questions or suggestions?


Please drop us a line, we'd love to talk to you.



* Although we wish to rebuild MIMOA more than ever, we can't guarantee if or when the new MIMOA will be launched, because this depends on the amount of donations and other funding we hope to get. Donating to MIMOA does not create or confer any right or benefit on any person or entity.