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Through its architecture Sydney's story unfolds

The content of our walking tours is historically informed, our context contemporary. If a work of architecture or art addresses the world in a sustainable way, we draw attention to it. If it provokes, we take note. Like detectives gathering evidence in an unfamiliar landscape we tell the stories and explain the concepts behind the concrete shells, glass skirts and sandstone facades that define Sydney.

Tour Summaries:

1 The City: Sydney
Moving from the broad to the particular, the historic to the contemporary, this tour conjures a heady urban narrative revealing the social, cultural and topographic forces shaping Sydney. We will concentrate on three contemporary iconic structures; Aurora Place, 1 Bligh Street and Governor Phillip and Macquarie Towers and the ideas of four architects; Renzo Piano, Richard Johnson, Christoph Ingenhoven & Jørn Utzon.

2 Utzon & the Sydney Opera House
Both an in-depth and textured portrait of enigmatic Danish architect Jørn Utzon, as well as the story of perhaps the 20th Centuries most ambitious architectural project, UTZON draws the listener into the amazing visionary world of the architect of Sydney Opera House.

3 Harbourings

Join us on this stroll around Sydney's spectacular harbour edge, from Circular Quay, through the city's great depository of memory, The Rocks, up Observatory Hill and on to Walsh Bay. The route is diverse, spectacular and full of surprising recent projects as well as gritty historical reminders of the cities industrial/maritime past.

4 Modern Sydney
Guided by the spirit of interwar modernity, we will trace a lazy path through the guts of Sydney from Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Urban and architectural ideas that were originally imported from Europe or North America will be traced, the influence of distance, culture and technology as well as the local political, cultural and physical landscape discussed as well as the influence of modernity on the modern city.

5 Bike tour - Five Suburb Sydney Dérive

Over five hours we will explore Sydney's frayed western edge, its rapidly changing inner city suburbs whilst sniffing out some of its most inspiring and surprising architectural gems. A real insiders tours with a two-wheeled twist.

We are architects and we conduct intimate Sydney tours on bike and on foot that are open to the general public as well as private professional groups. Our conversations are straightforward and jargon-free exercises in story-telling. Aimed at the expert-enthusiast, we want you to understand the 'why' of the city whilst exploring the most provocative and daring projects Sydney houses; works of architecture, public art and landscape that inspire and delight but also projects that reveal something of Sydney's grimy pulse.
We want you to get stung by architecture. Sydney will never look the same again!


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