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Brussels: a political and cultural highlight at the very heart of Europe

From Art Deco to post-war modernism, Brussels’ architecture reveals recent ambitions to transform the city into a political and cultural highlight at the very heart of Europe. Unlike other capital cities in the world however, the city’s urban transformation does not feature trendy waterfront redevelopment or the work of internationally renowned architects. Rather, inspiring architectural practice, with a taste for the unconventional, is often referred to as the city’s best-kept secret! For the delight of architecture detectives and sympathizers, we aim to unfold the key narratives composing Brussels’ urban development.



From the production of Art Nouveau milestones such as Palais Stoclet to experimental post-war modernism epitomized by the Galerie Ravenstein, our tours explore these layers and lead you through a non-linear walk through history and urban development trends. We not only aim to expose Brussels’ feats as the capital of Europe, but also the paradoxes of its development. Today, exciting projects continue to materialize, as the Bronks Youth Theatre and the KVS Box illustrate. Innovation in social housing, public space design and landscape urbanism are on the agenda of the cosmopolitan urban environments of Belgium, awaiting discovery on your side.

Whether fascinated by a specific building technology, a particular architectural typology or visiting for the first time, we welcome you to our group excursions guided by professional architects. Besides designing tailor-made tours to discover modern masterpieces in Brussels and its surroundings, we can also book accommodation, meals and transportation.

Using Brussels as our starting point, we also offer thematic tours that extend beyond the city’s boundaries:

1. One House, One Architect
Much has been said about architects and the design of private residences for their own use or for distinguished clients. This exploration offers an overview of exceptional cases of dwelling design, especially considering that individual private housing in Belgium was considerably stimulated by government policy. Visits may include celebrated dwellings such as Victor Horta’s house or the artist’s residence in Linkebeek by Philippe Samyn, as well as less known realizations such as the house Louis Herman De Conick built for himself (and extended decades later).


2. Brutalist Belgium
Are you a fan of raw, unrefined concrete? Is béton brut your favourite? This tour foresees visits to exemplary cases of Belgian brutalist architecture, such as the Westrand cultural centre by Alfons Hoppenbrouwers and the houses designed by Julian Lampens. Allow your yearning for concrete to be fulfilled.


3. Architecture & Beer
Architecture & Beer? Sounds like Belgium! Discover with us the way in which beer-making has transformed the landscape. From the Wiels in Brussels to Lamot in Mechelen via De Hoorn in Leuven, many brewery headquarters and beer factories have been reconverted into museums and cultural centres. This tour is a way to discover the ever-changing relationship between quality architecture and Belgium’s beloved malt-based drink. Needless to say, the tour ends with a good beer.


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