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The city of Gent lies at the meeting point of the rivers Scheldt and Leie, and earns its name to its location at the confluence of the two waterways. It not only hosts a stunning city centre, but features the vibrancy of major university towns and beholds a characteristic roughness to its fabric, avoiding the glossy patina of excessively conserved heritage cities. By visiting Gent today, urban wanderers can enjoy numerous architectural masterpieces and urban projects, most of which have remained devoted to the distinct relationship the settlement has always maintained with water. This is true not only of recent university campus developments, but also of housing developments, as the Hollainhof complex by Neutelings-Riedijk illustrates.

Urban development in Gent continues intensely to date, and several sites within the city are being refurbished, giving rise to masterfully laid out constellations of 14th, 17th and 21st century artefacts, as manifested in the Bijloke site. Intended as a cultural hotspot, this is where important interventions such as Les Ballets C de la B and the STAM have risen. The new Law Courts by Stéphane Beel and the KAHO Sint-Lieven technology campus in the 19th century working-class district of Rabot, are yet another example of fruitful revitilisation.

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