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Cologne is at the same time a very old and a completely new city. It was the Roman capital of the Rhine region. And together with Rome, Constantinople, and Jerusalem it was one of the four medieval cities who had the privilege to call themselves “sancta.”

The remains of this long history had been largely wiped out during the Second World War. In the fifties and early sixties, charismatic architects rebuilt the city upon the historic ground plan. Cologne developed into one of Germany's most dynamic, creative cities with more than a million inhabitants (including 100,000 students), known for a vibrant art scene and relaxed and open-minded people.


In the last twenty years a new consciousness for quality architecture has been spreading through the city. In the town center we can observe a variety of distinct concepts to “wed” the historic heritage with contemporary architecture, like the Archbishopric’s museum Kolumba by Zumthor.

Further south, transformation is the key note in the dockside district of Rheinauhafen, a redeveloped, almost 2 kilometers long stripe of new architecture, car-free and with Rhine view. Hadi Teherani’s crane houses accentuate the riverfront. A trip to the countryside brings you to Zumthor’s field chapel in Wachendorf.

We conduct architectural tours on foot, on bike, on boat and on the “archi-taxi”. Contact us for customized or open tours, available in German, English, French, and Spanish.


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