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Athens as a settlement is more than 3.500 years old but as a national capital it is fairly young. Find out how the small town of 15.000 inhabitants in the early 19th century became the metropolis of 4.500.000 people of today.

Take a private tour, guided by a local architect and discover the modern side of the city.
Let us show you fine examples of Greek Modernism, like the Music School of Athens, explore the impact of the Olympic Games of 2004 on the city by visiting the Athens Olympic Sports Complex, discover the new concept of city living with projects like Oyster Smart Flats and One Athens or visit the highlights like the Acropolis Museum, the Benaki Museum or even the construction site of the new Opera and the new National Library by Renzo Piano.

Depending on your wishes the tours can be some hours, half day or one day long, on foot, by bus or by a combination of public transport, in Greek, English or Italian.

We will also be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about accommodation and transport and give you tips for restaurants and amusement.


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