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photo: © Ana Aresta 2014


Lisbon: full of contemporaneity and multicultural influences

Lisbon is a city with 800 years of history. You can feel the different cultural influences that shaped the city. The Portuguese Age of Discoveries (since XV century) made of Lisbon the centre of what many call the beginning of the globalization process. Nowadays, Lisbon keeps on being full of contemporaneity and multicultural influences. Portuguese architecture contributes definitely to this atmosphere.

Portugal has two Pritzker Prizes architects: Siza Vieira in 1992 and Souto de Moura in 2011.

We help you in the organization of your tour in Portugal and you’ll be guided by architects during your visit. We’ll show you the contemporary architecture in the middle of the ancient urban tissue, like the archaeological Site of S.Jorge Castle, Banco de Portugal HQ Renovation, or the reconversion of Tejo riverside like Expo Area.


photo: © Ana Aresta 2014

Contact us for quote and a customized program. Tours are available in Portuguese, English, French, German, and if book in advance in Italian and Spanish. We can also help you with other complementary aspects of your visit, like transport, restaurants and hotels.


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