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World heritage with memorable contemporary buildings

Porto is a city that congregates a UNESCO world heritage historic city center with memorable contemporary buildings. Its outstanding urban landscape has more than a thousand years of history, shaped by commercial activities and migratory flows. The city is known for its gastronomy, especially for a unique delicacy: the Port Wine from Douro Valley.

Portugal has two Pritzker Prizes architects: Siza Vieira in 1992 and Souto de Moura in 2011, both with great works in this city.

We help you in the organization of your tour in Portugal and you’ll be guided by architects during your visit. We’ll show you the contemporary architecture of Porto School, like Serralves and Casa das Artes, but also famous projects created by foreign architects, like Casa da Música. Urban mobility renewal works like Aliados Avenue, the Porto subway are also some examples of the pacific co-existence of old and contemporary interventions.

If you want to explore other cities beyond Porto, we can show you the masterpiece Braga Stadium and so many works along Douro Valley.



Contact us for quote and a customized program. Tours are available in Portuguese, English, French, German, Spanish and if book in advance in Italian. We can also help you with other complementary aspects of your visit, like transport, restaurants and hotels.


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