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photo by: Uroš Antić


Belgrade: a city of contrast where nothing is self-apparent

Belgrade has undergone fundamental change over the last two centuries - from a provincial Ottoman border town into the modern capital of a large new nation, Yugoslavia, only to change again into a large capital city of a small country, Serbia. It is a city interesting for the interlacing of diverse cultures and identities, the bizarre mixture of regulated systems and anarchic attitudes, its magnificent topography, the urban matrix of New Belgrade, its inter-and-post-war modernism, but also for the impact of post-communist transition, the current initiatives for revitalizing neglected urban neighbourhoods and much more…

We offer standard and customised architectural guided tours in Belgrade and in addition we organise lectures, workshops and case study programmes.

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our tours are multi faceted suited for all professionals and non-professionals – in fact anyone who has the desire to explore rich urban and architectural landscapes.

photos by: Milica Lopičić (1), Anja Aichinger (2), Ana Kostić (3), Cengiz Tokgoz (4)


The themes we cover give an insight into the city´s historical development, the period of modernisation, Yugoslav modernism, the process of transition as well as contemporary architecture - presenting the key geographical, historical and socio-cultural facts required for a comprehensive understanding of the city’s development, its architecture and urban structure. The tours take you through New Belgrade, investigating the success and failure of its revolutionary ideas - The Radiant City; through the historic centre, focusing on the complex and often contradictory development as a result of a long and turbulent history - The Mélange, and many more.

The tours are held in English, German and Serbo-Croat.


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