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The numerous buildings of world famous architects are embedded in an extremely compact and multilayered city structure. In the last decades reorientation towards the sea, the introduction of new infrastructure buildings and the transformation of obsolete industrial zones have been the starting point for a profound rethinking of the city: a laboratory for urban planning and innovative architectural strategies.


Let us guide you through the historic center and along the seafront (including Mercat Santa Caterina, CCCB, Biomedical Research Park); the new building projects within the 22@ district following the Diagonal (including Can Framis Museum, Forum Esplanade) or tailor your own itinerary (such as Barcelona Pavilion, Fundació Tàpies, Casa de la Marina) accompanied by an architect of our team.


We provide customized and predefined architectural guided tours that are efficiently conducted and logistically drawn up, so as to give you a profound view of Barcelona’s architecture and its socio-cultural context. Our services also include hotel reservations, transport services, museum tickets and admission to restaurants.

Can Framis museum


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