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What is the “Bilbao effect”?

Is it only about the Guggenheim Museum and the so called“star-system”? In the Metropolitan area of Bilbao we are talking about an extremely successful reformation of a former heavy industry area into one of the most well suited areas in the country today - a recent process started 25 years ago with a well thought urbanistic masterplan. An extremely compact city with limited space and a big industrial heritage has reinvented itself with the transformation of obsolete industrial zones, the reorientation towards the river and the introduction of new singular buildings.


Let us guide you with classic half- or onedaytours through the Abandoibarra area (including for example Guggenheim, Deusto Library); the Ensanche - the geometrical “newtown” (including for example Alhondiga, Foster Metro stations) and the Metropolitan Area (including Lasesarre stadium, Puente Colgante) - or tailor your own premium tour on your special interest (as for example sport facilities incl. Bilbao Arena, Fronton Miribilla) accompanied by an architect of our team.
We can also organize accomodation, transport and make reservations at restaurants.

Contact us for a programme suggestion and quote. Tours are available in German, English, Spanish, Italian and French.


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