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Discover Istanbul, the largest metropolis in Europe

Istanbul, the largest metropolis in Europe with nearly 15 million inhabitants, provides with its vast history of architecture and urban development, with its people, their diverse cultures and lifestyles, and last but not least with its current political and spatial transformations plentiful material for our offer. We focus on learning within and from the existing urban fabric. The interest brought towards the buildings and structures, urban settings and life-style stands in the foreground of our tours. The pleasures and offers provided by the city is a part of learning about it.

Mediation of architecture constitutes the core of the programmatic offer and aims opening channels between the international architectural community and architectural production in Turkey. Furthermore a whole set of closely related fields such as History of Art and Architecture, Spatial Planning and Urban Design, Contemporary Art, as well as Literature and Gastronomy are also within the scope of our offer.

In Istanbul, with us you can take part in lectures; architectural office or construction site visits; guided architectural and urbanistic excursions; workshops; or field trips within academic context. We also offer advisory services and support, in case you are intending professional involvement with the making of the urban fabric. Services are available beyond central İstanbul, in the greater urban region of Marmara, as well as in Izmir and its Aegean hinterland between Troya and Halicarnassos.


l: Central Business District on the ridge | r: Presidential Summer resort mansion at Florya, Seyfi Arkan (1936)

Sancaklar mosqueCongress Valley

l: Sancaklar mosque, EAA / Emre Arolat Architects, (2013) | r: Congress Valley, at the background, Military Guesthouse, Hepgüler (1972)

We highlight in our tours architecture and urbanism in all its facets. You can enjoy examples of historical, classical modern or contemporary architecture (Zorlu Center, Kanyon, Meydan, Arketip, Besiktas Fishmarket, … ) as well as revitalization projects (Santral Istanbul) or get involved in history of public space and planning within a set of thematic tours such as highlights of architecture, from sleeping beauty to global city, residential architecture, postindustrial geographies, or simply while scanning the metropolis, or exploring the young istanbul architectural scene of Istanbul. We also offer full programs or itinerary items dealing with the art scene, food/gastronomy or literature, which are popular among architecture interested public.

Our office and field communication languages are German, English and Turkish. Upon request, field services like lectures, guidances and workshop moderations can be rendered in French or Italian as well.


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