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General MIMOA Questions

1. What is MIMOA?

Read it here

2. For who is MIMOA?

Anyone who is interested in architecture, cities, traveling, design, photography, interiors, parks, public places and the great outdoors can enjoy MIMOA. In general we describe our public as the ‘cultural city dweller’.

3. When & why was MIMOA started?

MIMOA was born out of personal frustration: never to be able to find the right addresses of the most recent Modern Architecture when you set out to choose and prepare a city-trip. Or an overview of what is built in a certain city lately. And then: you know the address but how to get there, or to know whether or not it is public?

City guides generally cover ‘old’ architecture; buildings that have proven to be mainstream tourism-worthy. Architecture guides (read: books) can not keep up with the pace and do not include all new experiences in a city. Then again: real good architecture guides are normally only available in an architecture-centre in the city itself! Let’s not talk about hours of aimlessly flipping through hundreds of dusty architecture magazines that do not even include addresses in their glossy stories.

The websites that already exist(ed) were not consistent in their completeness. Or do not have the combination of an address with map, small text ánd photograph. Let alone do they publish their information on a comprehensive, easy to compare, all in one glance - way.

We also imagined the struggle non-architects must have.
So, in July 2006 we decided to make all this ourselves. In January 2007 we had the first page online. In September 2007 MIMOA 1.0 is launched.

4. Who is behind al this?

Actually, quite a lot of people constantly contribute to MIMOA. They make up all that you see. And Mieke and Naomi started it. You can email us at info[at]mimoa.eu

5. What does the name MIMOA mean?

MIMOA is an abbreviation of My Modern Architecture.
We’ve given My a more international twist and changed it into Mi.
The name enhances the personal character of the website, the fact that all information is gathered by individuals who share the same interests, the possibilities to collect your favorites, keep track of the projects you’ve already been to, and to rate, review and comment what is published. And, we also didn’t want to have an ‘archi-name’, because we think architecture is not just for archi-people! Next to that we think MIMOA just sounds good.

Projects published on MIMOA

1. Where does MIMOA get all the information from?

All information is contributed by individuals themselves: Architects, architecture lovers, tourists or locals. They use the online upload form to contribute information and images.

MIMOA is the final editor of all this information. MIMOA compiles the information on óne page per project and publish it online. We check on doubles and errors. We keep the right to change the texts a little bit, but will always respect the personal contributions.

Anyone who has new information, more actual photographs, or additions to how to get there and opening hours can add this to the site by sending us an email. The personal experience you want to add can be done by leaving a comment.

2. Why so many projects in Europe?

We started with Europe, and in the summer of 2008 have expanded our horizon! That's why we still have more projects in Europe than in any other continent.

Account & personal profile

1. Why would I need an account?

To visit and view projects you don’t need an account.
But with your free personal MIMOA account you can do a lot more on MIMOA than non-registered visitors.
You can contribute projects and photographs; you can place comments; rate projects; choose your favorites; track projects that you’ve already been to (in real life) by marking it MI WAS HERE.

You have a personal public profile, so you can share information on yourself with others. When you’ve set a screen-name you will also get your personal friendly URL, to share with your friends: https://www.mimoa.eu/users/sceenname

And best of all: you can make your own personal guide! Select the projects you want to see, set them in a convenient order, and save as PDF or print it.
If you want to be able to do more than this, for instance add more information about your architecture office, you can get a Pro account.

2. Can anyone see my email address, real name, or where I’m from?

MIMOA will never publish your email address. You can choose which personal information is open for others to view. Go to your personal profile.


Contributing projects

1. How can I contribute a project?

Login or register, and use the online upload form: an online form which helps you to gather all the information you need. You do not have to finish this form all at once. You can save the information and come back later to complete it. Once you've finished it, you must submit the project, and MIMOA will review the information, and publish it online. You will get an email so you know when to come and see it online. Oh and yeah, it's free.

2. What are the rules for contributing projects?

  • The project must be built or under construction – it should be a real-life project which you can actually visit. So no studies or unbuilt plans (unles you have a Pro account!)
  • Check before your start if the project isn’t already online. No doubles, unless it’s an addition (like an interior inside a building – same address, different type of project).
  • The contributor must have the rights to contribute the content he/she shares.
  • We do not publish drawings / artist impressions / collages, unless it is combined with a real-life photograph. MIMOA is first and foremost a GUIDE. The photo’s help to recognize the project, artist impressions tend to make reality look better, but not more realistic. With a Pro account you can upload any information you want, also artist impressions.

3. What is 'modern' ?

We've had some questions from our members: "What do you mean by 'modern'?". Well we've never stated on our website that we only want to publish modern, actual, or new buildings. Somehow it just works this way, that people add what they feel, needs to be added. And most of the time, the contributions are not the projects that are covered in main stream tourism books/sites/guides, but the ones that are not (yet) in the all-to-familiar-tourist-guides. The big buildings, everybody knows about, are obvious and eventually they would have to be included, and we would never 'dismiss' the contributions, because it is a 'too old building'. But there is a sense of what is 'modern' - it somehow starts with 1900.

4. How do I know when my project is published?

You’ll get an email when the project is published, together with the URL to review it. And you can also check your own project-overview (login first).

5. I am an architect / photographer; can I use MIMOA for my own portfolio?

Yes, of course. We also have some services for you: there are ways to contribute a set of projects all at once; you can get a Pro account with your personal information, logo, contact-details and much more. Contact us!

6. I only have photographs, can I contribute them also?

Please do! We can help you finish the missing information to publish the project, or we can change existing (lesser quality photos) with yours.

7. Will my project ever be deleted or changed?

Deleted: No, not when it’s published online (unless we or you really have a good reason…). And not even when you decide to delete your account.
Changed: Yep. It’s MIMOA’s philosophy that everyone can contribute and add information, even on existing publications. So if someone has new information on how to get there, or better photo’s, we are willing to add/change the publication. This way the information will stay accurate and actual.

8. Can I change my projects when they are already published?

Sure, send us an email, and we correct the information at once. You can not change the project yourself when it's online, so check the datat before you submit. We want to maintain a highly strucutured and consistent website.

9. I have a whole lot of projects; can I contribute them all at once?

So, you don’t want to upload them one by one through the upload form? And you do have all the information by hand? Then there are ways to do this, yes. Please contact us, and we’ll find the best way for you. You can download an overview of all required project information here.

Addresses & map

1. I don’t know the exact address, can I still contribute the project?

We demand to get an exact address (street name, number, postal code, city, county). Sorry for the strictness, but that’s what MIMOA lives on. The completeness of the address depends on the project. Bridges for instance, normally don’t have a street-number. And parks are difficult to get a street name for. Be inventive and choose a street in the vicinity. There is always an address. When you are not sure what it is, check Google Maps. Also great for retrieving postal codes.

2. How does MIMOA know the address is right?

We don’t. You do.
And then there’s Google Maps to help us check the satellites.

3. I’ve seen a project on MIMOA that is not on the right spot on the map

Ohw, thanks for noticing, please tell us the right place!


1. What are the rules for contributing images?

  • The contributor must have the right to contribute the content he/she shares.
  • We do not publish drawings / artist impressions / collages, unless it is combined with a real-life photograph. MIMOA is first and foremost a GUIDE. The photo’s help to recognize the project, artist impressions tend to make reality look better, but not more realistic. To publish projects without real photos: get a Pro account.
  • Large size, high-resolution images please! Maximum file size is about: 1,5MB. See more details under the next question.

2. How about copyrights on the photos?

Before uploading them, make sure you have the rights to publish them. MIMOA does not claim the copyright on the photos, this always remains with the author. Read more about MIMOA & copyrights in the Terms of Service.

3. What is the best file size or file types for upload?

JPEG with a RGB colour mode. We can handle and prefer large size images (no stamps please).

Filesize: Between 1 MB and 2,0 MB

Pixels: Larger than 1600*1200 and smaller than 3200*2400 (w*h)
Centimeters: Larger than 13cm*10cm and smaller than 27cm*20cm at 300dpi (w*h)

Pixels: Larger than 1200*1600 and smaller than 2400*3200 (w*h)
Centimeters: Larger than 10cm*13cm and smaller than 20cm*27cm at 300dpi (w*h)

Why? So the print-version of the project doesn’t look like a blurry stamp and the expanded view of the photo can be resized to large size monitors.

4. Do the photos need to be professional?

No, no need to start a new profession, just shoot, save and add! The photo’s help to recognize the project, so if you think the images live up to this, please upload them!

5. Is there a limit on the number of photos I can contribute?

No, there’s no limit when you upload photos. But we only publish 3. So if you want to have control, choose wisely and add 3. We can not save the other images you upload. Or be smart, like this contributor ;)

6. Why does MIMOA only publish 3 photos per project?

We decided not to collect endless shots of beautiful buildings: eventually you need to visit the project – real life. A real life encounter doesn’t match up with the online equivalent. The photos are necessary to recognize the project, nothing more. So, get out of your chair and go outside. Besides: images take up a whole lot of disk space, and we wouldn’t want to have you waiting for loading time.

7. Does MIMOA also publish artist drawings / impression / video / 3D model?

You can add a video to a comment underneath a project. How? Read it here.
We do not publish drawings / artist impressions / collages, unless it is combined with a real-life photograph. MIMOA is an architecture guide, not a database of drawings. We collect only the essential stuff that is necesary to find a project in real life (and that's probably why you like us). You can make a comment on a project, and refer to an extern URL with the drawing or video on it. And if you want to be able to publish anything, including drawings, go Pro.

8. Is it possible for others to use, copy or download my images?

As you can see on the site you can not save the images with a right-mouse click. Of course we can never really prevent people form ‘using’ content (print screen options for example)….We’re planing to integrate the Creative Commons licenses which help people to protect their copyrights or share their images.

9. Are my photos ever deleted or changed?

It is possible that your photos will be deleted, yes. It’s MIMOA’s philosophy that everyone can contribute and add information, even on existing publications. So if someone has new information on how to get there, or better photo’s, we are willing to add/change the publication. This way the information will stay accurate and actual.

10. I have better images of a project that is already published

Great! Upload them, or email us, explain your intents, and let’s see what we can change.

11. How about photos with people on them?

You can't just publish photos that have recognisable people on them, even if they are your fiends. Before uploading them, make sure your friends are OK. Not everybody wants to have their photo on internet. Just like the copyright of the photos will always remain with the contributor, also does the responsibility about publishing photos that show portrayed people. So if people are passing by while you took the shot, try and choose another photo to publish on MIMOA.


1. How can I tell when people leave comments?

In your personal profile you can choose to get an email every time someone writes a comment on your projects. And you can subscribe to the RSS-feeds on the comments of the selected project. Simply click on the RSS-icon next to the comments.

2. Can I make HTML posts in the comments-box?

Yep. You can even add links to other websites and embed a You-Tube video. How? Read it here.

Favorites & Was here

1. What are favorites / was here ?

Favorites are projects that you especially like. You can make a list of these special projects,  'Mi favorites'. This way you have your personal pearls of architecture close at hand, to show others, or make a short selection of projects you intend to visit soon.

When you come back from a tour and visited several projects in real life, you can mark them 'Mi was here'. This way you’ll find a perfect overview on the map on all your visited projects and places, so you can plan where to go next.

2. How do they work?

You need to login (or register) first, for the buttons to work. For an explanation of all Tools MIMOA has to offer: go to the Tools section.

Mi guide

1. How can I make my personal architecture guide?

Simple, login and start with a project you’d like to add and click the + Mi guide button. Then you’ll get a pop-up, asking to which guide you want to add this project.
You can also start by first making a new guide at MENU >> MI PAGES >> MI GUIDES and then find projects you want to add. After you're finished you can set the projects in a convenient order, and make a PDF or print it.
To see an overview of all your guides, go to MENU >> MI PAGES >> MI GUIDES.

2. Why would I make my guide public?

You can choose to make your guide public so others can also view or download it. You can also tell a friend about a public guide, by clicking the 'tell-a-friend' button. This way you can share and distribute the guides.

3. Why is there no map included in the guide?

Yep, that would be very handy, we know. But Google Maps has got strict Terms of Use, which say that we can not make a print-version of their map. You can read them here. We want to integrate a map, with routes and much more into a new advanced version of the Mi guide. This will probably mean we need to find another map-provider.

mobile applications

1. What mobile applications does MIMOA have?

We have got several mobile tools, specially designed for you to take the whole database with you while traveling. You can browse projects and locations from different mobile devices:

2. I have a problem with my iPhone application!

Have you got the latest update, and/or latest software for your iPhone? And still got problems with the app? Read all about our latest developments on the iPhone app, and see if your problem is there too. If you have any (new!) bugs to report, feel free to write a comment underneath our blog posts or email us. Please do not re-send any known issues. We try to react to everyone personally. It will be helpful if you include the type of device (iPod/iPhone3G/3GS/4) you’re using and if you have wifi or not. 

Link to MIMOA

1. I want to place a link to MIMOA on my website, how?

We have got several MIMOA-buttons, specially designed for you. You can choose one, and simply copy&paste the code of this button in your website. You can also link to a special project directly, by copy-pasting the code you find on the project-detail-page (in the lower left corner). See the Tools-section for more information on the link-buttons we have.

2. I want to tell a friend about MIMOA, how?

Have you seen a project that you like, and want to tell a friend about it? There is a 'tell a friend' button above the image on every project page. Simply add his/her email address, and yours, and write some personal words to accompany your message. Go to the Tools-section if you can't find the button.

On the MIMOA website

1. Why so many ads?

Well, we don’t think the site is ‘ad heavy’: in only 2 occasions advertisements coincide with architecture. Interested in advertising on this website? See the advertising section, or contact us.

2. What browser to use best?

The site is optimized for Windows. Firefox is definitely the best option. Also Apple-users: please use Firefox and keep Safari in its cage... You can download Firefox for free at www.mozilla.com. Turn to our Using MIMOA section for more detailed troubleshooting.

3. I have a great idea for a feature! How can I suggest it?

You can write a comment on one of our blog-posts on the development of MIMOA, or start a discussion there to see if any other viewers think so too. And of course, you can contact us. We are always very interested to hear our readers reviews on the website, so please do spam us with suggestions or questions. We are constantly developing and changing the site to make it better.

4. I want to support/cooperate with MIMOA 

Owh, that’s great! You can buy a Mi shirt an sponsor MIMOA. Or you want to cooperate? Let’s get in contact and we’ll meet soon.

5. I have concerns about something I’ve seen on the site. What can I do?

Please write us, we’ll take care to relief you from any concern you may have.