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MIMOA features over 7.000 buildings, interiors, squares, parks and bridges around the world. The extensive (and growing!) database is also available as a mobile travel guide: on the iPhone.

With exact locations, photos and detailed information the MIMOA iPhone app puts everything you need at your fingertips. Browse maps based on your location and let your iPhone guide you as you wander through your next destination.

Make a great tour-guide on your city trip and share your favorite architecture with friends. MIMOA is the best source of information with all Modern Architecture in one view, and now we've launched the best travel mate for architecture lovers.

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MIMOA app 2.0 ?

MIMOA wishes to improve the MIMOA app 1.0. And by popular request we would like to develop an Android version as well. Are you interested in sponsoring the app 2.0 and/or Android version of the MIMOA app? Let's talk!
Please contact us so we can discuss the options. 

Instant information on your architectural surroundings

MIMOA is a comprehensive guide for travelers who love to see some great architecture on the go. You'll be prepared wherever you are – and wherever you're planning to be. Download the data and browse it offline while traveling. Find architecture nearby you, or discover new locations anywhere in the world.

A great and growing database

The impressive database grows daily, as projects are being added to the user-generated website. Choose to update the content when starting the app and connected to the web. If a project isn't yet included you can go and add it yourself. Publish new projects onto and create your own convenient architectuire guide.

“Would seriously recommend it. Makes your travels much more interesting and flexible.”


App features

>> locating Modern Architecture near you based on your current location
>> option to change your location to find Modern Architecture anywhere else
>> detailed information with photos and text about any project
>> all data (except images & map) is stored locally for offline use
>> notify another architecture lover about the MIMOA app and share a project
>> bookmark projects as favorites


latest news on Updates and new features

November 26, 2012: Update 1.34
MIMOA app is back in the Appstore!
What's new:
- several bug fixes and improvements
- update of complete database
- iOS 6 compatible
- new splash screen :
MIMOA wishes to improve the MIMOA app and is looking for a new sponsor ! Are you or do you know the new sponsor of the MIMOA app 2.0? Contact us at !

November 8, 2012: Currently the MIMOA APP is unavailable at the Appstore!
The latest update of the MIMOA App is not working well and we removed the app from the store to solve the problem. Our developer is still working on it. As soon as we know when it's back, we will let you know. We are as frustrated about it as you are.... we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

December 9, 2011: Update 1.32
- breaking news: the app is now free of charge to make the app even more accessible for all of you! For more info visit the MIMOA blog
- fixed a bug causing problems with updating new projects
- update of complete database

March 17, 2011: Update 1.31
- fixed issue with public/non-public projects

January 31, 2011: Update 1.3 was released. What's new?
- improved stability of the application
- added update progress indicator

The application is improved regularly. Keep yourself updated with latest iPhone app developments on our blog. All feedback and new suggestions are welcome, write us a comment.

Report issues

Make sure to install the latest update, and/or latest software for your iPhone. If you have any (new!) bugs to report, feel free to write a comment underneath our blog posts or email us. Here's more help on reporting issues.

This is what other users
have been saying 


RyanTau 28.05.2010:

  • "The MIMOA app is a must have for anyone interested in architecture and travel. With an impressive database of thousands of projects throughout the world, it provides instant information on your architectural surroundings. The beauty of it is that since it is linked to the website, new projects are continually being added daily, making the app even more robust. I wish I had this 10 years ago, when I was student travelling through Europe! :)"

Bedrijf2 01.06.2010

  • "Cool app, great planner. Would seriously recommend it makes your travels much more interesting and flexible."

Inge K 01.06.2010

  • "Nice app, discovering all kinds of beatiful architecture in my city which I never even knew existed!"

Amsterbellie 01.06.2010

  • "Great app from user generated architecture database. It takes a couple of minutes to install and download all the projects the first time. So use wifi and be patient. It’ll make you happy :-) "

Some optimist 30.05.2010

  • "This makes things easier"

Thomas Traveller 28.05.2010

  • "Great tool for travelers and architecture lovers. Full of information. Helps to navigate and find the places to be. A must for everybody who likes to travel and visit modern architecture."

Tjoemie 30.05.2010

  • "You travel in Europa and you don’t want to miss buildings by Le Corbusier or Zaha Hadid? MIMOA is the answer."

ntorquati 28.05.2010

  • "Una guida veramente ben curata mi piace Moltissimo! Da avere per addetti al settore e non!"
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