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Secession Building

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Joseph Maria Olbrich
location Vienna
function exposition space
contributed by Michiel_van_Loon

The large, white, cubic Secession Building was designed by architect Joseph Maria Olbrich in 1897 as the manifesto of the Secessionist movement. The exhibition hall opened in October 1898. Most of the original interior was looted during World War II and the building was left in a desolate state until the passion for Viennese Art Nouveau was rediscovered in the 1970s and the pavilion rescued from decay. The building is quite sober and only uses two colours, white and gold. Due to its massive, unbroken walls, the construction has the appearance of being constructed from a series of solid cubes. The most prominent feature of the otherwise clean design is the dome, made of 3,000 gilt laurel leaves. The laurel symbolizes victory, dignity and purity. Today the structure is one of the most treasured examples of a particularly Viennese artistic period (text from website Traveldk).

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Secession Building
Friedrichstra├če 12
Project is public!
Opening hours Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00; Thursday: 10.00 - 22.00 / Guided tours Saturdays at 15.00 and Sundays at 11.00.
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Completion 10- 1898
ArchitectJoseph Maria Olbrich
Client Vereinigung Bildener K├╝nstler Oesterreichs
Project ID 2670
Latitude/Longitude 48°12'01N 16°21'57E
Contributed by Michiel_van_Loon
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