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National Sports Complex

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Vann Molyvann
location Phnom Penh
function sport, swimming pool
contributed by fmka

Referred to locally as the Olympic Stadium and originally occupying a site of 40 hectares, the National Sports Complex consists of three main elements: an outdoor stadium seating 50,000, an indoor stadium seating 8,000 and a swimming/diving arena. While the buildings are referred to as the Olympic Stadium, this is a misnomer; though the facilities were designed to Olympic standards (apparently), the Olympics were never planned to be held there. With facilities designed to meet Olympic standards, the complex was constructed in under two years (1962-1964) and was seen at the time as part of Cambodia transforming itself from an "ancient kingdom into a modern nation". Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann was the principal architect, assisted by a team of Cambodian and French architects and engineers. Vladimir Bodiansky was crucial to the structural engineering. Major earthworks support the pre-cast seating of the outdoor stadium. The roof of the indoor stadium is formed from four separate

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National Sports Complex
Monireth Boulevard
Project is public!
Opening hours The site is generally open everyday, except when there is an event, from early till late. The pools are available for swimming at various hours.
How to get there? By private transport. There is an entrance on Monireth Boulevard and also one on Sihanouk Boulevard. Note that taxi drivers refer to the complex as the 'Olympic Stadium'.
Completion 11- 1964
Architect, Urban plannerVann Molyvann
structural engineerVladimir Bodiansky
Client Royal Government of Cambodia
Project ID 8893
Latitude/Longitude 11°33'30N 104°54'43E
Contributed by fmka
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