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Sjakket Youth House

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BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, JDS architects
location Copenhagen
function youth house
contributed by JDS

A base camp for immigrant youth is to occupy a former factory building. The exterior twin peak silhouette and gables are subject to rules of preservation. We gut one of the vaulted buildings making it a vast sports hall, and jam the other with the more intimate programs. Huge garage can open up the south side to the courtyard as an extension into the urban realm. The canyon between the two vaulted roofs becomes the secret oasis of the kids. The studio of Ghetto Noize Records is located in a container spanning the two peaks as the only architectural addition, and the icon of Sjakket's presence on the industrial skyline of North West Copenhagen.

jitendera kumar says:
houses in 100 yards
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Sjakket Youth House
Skaffervej 4-6
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Completion 4- 2007
Floor area/size 2000 m2
ArchitectBIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
ArchitectJDS architects
Client Realdania Foundation
Project ID 956
Latitude/Longitude 55°40'32N 12°23'55E
Contributed by JDS
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