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The Playhouse

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Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitektfirma
location Copenhagen
function theatre
contributed by NGHM

Located on Kvæsthusbroen Landing Stage in the inner harbour of Copenhagen the Royal Theatre will get a new playhouse, at the end of Sankt Annæ Plads. The Royal Theatre already has a theatre on the water, the Opera house on Kgs. Nytorv, at the other side of the harbour. Only the ballet will remain in the old building. The two prominent positions along the water will turn them into two cultural focus points in the city. The exterior of the new playhouse is dominated by a continuous glass-encased top story with offices and facilities for the actors. On top is the ‘black box’ each theatre has. Visitors will arrive along gently sloping ramps, like a promenade, with a panoramic view of the waterfront. A pedestrian and bicycle tunnel under the harbour to link the Playhouse with the Opera is being considered.

Arti-Fact says:
Street view of this building
Amsterdam, Netherlands 16-Dec-12
degal says:
superjun says:
the building create a very nice urban lounge
Berlin, Germany 15-Jun-09
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The Playhouse
Sankt Annæ Plads 36
Project is public!
How to get there? Take the ferry! It stops next door, at the Nyhavn (new harbour).
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Completion 2- 2008
ArchitectLundgaard & Tranberg Arkitektfirma
Client The Royal Theatre and Ministry of Culture
Project ID 685
Latitude/Longitude 55°40'48N 12°35'40E
Contributed by NGHM
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