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Monastery of Sainte-Marie de La Tourette

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Le Corbusier
location Eveux
function monastery
contributed by Michael_Noordam

Le Corbusier's last major work in Europe. Its program is unusual - a complete, self-contained world for a community of studying, silent monks, living a life so austere they are sometimes known as the 'begging brothers'. The building has 100 individual cells, communal library, classrooms and refectory, a rooftop cloister and church. Many of Le C's long-established practices are here: the pilotis (load-bearing columns) inside the walls freeing the facade for long strip windows, the grassed rooftops and the carefully planned architectural promenade with ramp; but the austerity and spirituality of the monks' life gives a very different outcome. “Trying to give the monks what men today need most: silence and peace...this monastery does not show off; it is on the inside that it lives." Despite many practical reservations (soundproofing, acoustics and many maintenance issues that are very visible today) one student monk compared his entry into the building to a second entry into religion.

enable says:
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sindh, Pakistan 16-Mar-19
Chido says:
Thanks for sharing this interesting blog with us
toqa says:
The homepage says it‘s under reconstruction. Where should i contact to visit this building?
egypt, Bahrain 23-Dec-11
c_biscuit says:
The homepage says it‘s under reconstruction. Where should i contact to visit this building?
Seoul, South Korea 07-Sep-11
PsyArch says:
Juillet et août 2010 : une visite guidée du couvent est proposée tous les jours à 15 h (7 € / TR 5 €).

From July, 16th to August, 15th : visit every day in english at 4 PM (7 € / 5 €).

Contact the priory
London, United Kingdom 25-Jul-10
I have just been there and everything is ok but I think you have to contact someone there prior to your visit. They are currently working on the restoration of the builiding.
Paris, France 19-Apr-10
tsjoemie says:
As off June 26th 2009, till further notice it is not longer possible to visit the monastary due to bankrupcy of the organization which was organizing the visits and stays. This has been confirmed by the people from Firminy. Its a pity. Hopefully there will be a solution in the future.
Gent, Belgium 19-Jul-09
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Monastery of Sainte-Marie de La Tourette
Route de la Tourette
Project is public!
Opening hours Though still functioning for a greatly-reduced population of monks, La Tourette has become something of a pilgrimage site for students of architecture. Overnight stays can be arranged in the unused cells.
How to get there? To get there by car, take the A6 motorway north from Lyon, until the "Limonest" exit (33) Take the N6, then shortly turn left onto the D73 to cut across to the N7. Follow the N7 to L'Arbresle, then follow signposts to Eveux and to the Couvent de La Tourette.
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Completion 1960
ArchitectLe Corbusier
Client Dominicans of Lyon
Project ID 606
Latitude/Longitude 45°49'10N 04°37'21E
Contributed by Michael_Noordam
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