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Coeur Défense

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Jean-Paul Viguier S.A. d'Architecture
location Paris
function congress centre, office
contributed by pkrajewski_pl

This is the biggest corporate project built in Europe in recent decades: 350.000 m2 of floor space. It stands in the 'heart' of La Défense, beside the historic east-west axis that runs from the Louvre to the Grand Arch. There are two twin towers 180m high, linked by an 'inter-tower', and three low buildings, all federated by a large atrium that rises to a height of 44 metres over an hectare of floor space. The typology chosen shuns the model of thick towers, preferring thin, streamlined volumes that generate work spaces near glazed façades, and thus open to daylight. The atrium is a complex space sitting on a three-level base, the highest of which connects to the Charles de Gaulle Esplanade and provides access to all the buildings, restaurants, services and conference centre. 10.000 people work in this huge set. The five buildings of the set enter into rythmic play and express taut effort in their clean skins, clean lines and curved edges (text from website architect).

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Coeur Défense
Voie des Bâtisseurs -
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Completion 2001
Floor area/size 350000 m2
ArchitectJean-Paul Viguier S.A. d'Architecture
Project ID 2714
Latitude/Longitude 48°53'27N 02°14'38E
Contributed by pkrajewski_pl
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