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Nouveau Casino

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Périphériques Architectes
location Paris
function bar, music theatre, restaurant
contributed by peripheriques

In a very dense urban setting, the task was to create an auditorium at the back of a fine early 20th-century Parisian café with a sound capacity of 135dbA. The principle chosen was that of the box within a box, thus preserving the image and atmosphere of the Café Charbon which, with the construction of kitchens on the ground floor and basement levels, acquired a restaurant in the process. The Nouveau Casino, located behind the mirror in the main room, is designed in a modern style, in reference to the film Star Wars. The main room of the Nouveau Casino is designed as a deep cavern with uneven walls covered in black untreated steel, along which there is a very long, organic and gentle shaped bar in luminous translucent resin. A mezzanine above the entrance offers another perception of the space. There is a stage at the end of the hall for musicians. On the surface of the thick acoustic area, 6 videoprojectors emerge from the deformed triangles, their lenses positioned against loopholes.

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Nouveau Casino
Rue Oberkampf 109
Project is public!
How to get there? Underground Line 2 - Ménilmontant. Underground Line 3 - Parmentier or Rue Saint-Maur.
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Completion 6- 2001
Floor area/size 615 m2
Cost € 1800000,-
Architect, Artist, Interior architect, Landscape architect, Urban plannerPériphériques Architectes
Client Paris-Comptoirs
Project ID 4064
Latitude/Longitude 48°51'57N 02°22'40E
Contributed by peripheriques
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