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Renaissance Wagram Hotel

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Christian de Portzamparc
location Paris
function hotel
contributed by Bjorn_Utpott

Located on Wagram avenue, this new hotel (also called: Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel) is located right where the Empire Theater used to be. The façade is characterized by undulating horizontal glazed bands. This great glass plaiting accommodates the rooms’ bow windows to free sight towards the Étoile and the Ternes. The 2 lower levels accommodate the boutiques as well as a large porch, which opens onto a court garden and leads to the Salle Wagram

Arti-Fact says:
Nice street view of this building here
Amsterdam, Netherlands 15-Nov-12
Delly says:
one of the best

img src=""
Lisboa, Portugal 01-Oct-10
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Renaissance Wagram Hotel
Project is public!
Opening hours Tel: +33 1 5537 5537
How to get there? Hotel, located right where the Empire Theater used to be and a short walk from the Champs-Élysées and the Place de l’Étoile, Restaurant and Boutiques.
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Completion 5- 2009
Floor area/size 8500 m2
ArchitectChristian de Portzamparc
Client ALTAREA Group
Project ID 6365
Latitude/Longitude 48°52'38N 02°17'49E
Contributed by Bjorn_Utpott
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