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Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut

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Le Corbusier
location Ronchamp
function church
contributed by Michael_Noordam

On a hill, this monumental pilgrimage church 'chapel of our lady of the height' (though on most days more frequented by architectural pilgrims than the intended variety) is a dramatic form with the contrasts of a dark roof, deep windows with coloured glass and the white-washed curved walls of rough masonry. Formally and symbolically, this small building is immensely powerful and complex. The heaviness of the walls and roof is misleading. In Le Corbusier's words: 'The shell has been put on walls which are absurdly but practically thick. Inside them however are reinforced concrete columns. The shell will rest on these columns but it will not touch the wall. A horizontal crack of light 10cm wide will amaze.' The place is truly astounding, very impressive.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina 13-Aug-12
ShawnC says:
Without doubt, one the best buildings you can visit on the planet. I've been in high summer and deep winter - both amazing, magical experiences. Don't rush it, plan for several hours to soak it in.
London, United Kingdom 04-Jul-12

Napoli, Italy 08-Sep-11
Napoli, Italy 08-Sep-11
andy murray says:
alaa in egypt says:
thats great site
Tom in New York, USA says:
This is an amazing website with such spectacular architecture! Who knew such wondrous constructions were scattered all over the globe? This place is a gem and the some of the buildings are so inventive who knew they could be conceived let alone constructed; some seem downright otherworldly.
hala says:
ok well this is a pretty boring site but i have to be on it from my art class gosh sooooo ya ummm wow
hala says:
Katharina says:
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Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut
Rue Chapelle 13
Project is public!
Opening hours Hours for the chapel are 10-16h everyday. Tél 03 84 20 65 13
How to get there? Ronchamp is a little over an hour's drive west of Basel-Mulhouse, the airport near the French/Swiss/German border. From Mulhouse follow the A36 southwest to Belfort, then the N19 west to Ronchamp. A steep windy road to the North is signposted to the chapel from the center of Ronchamp village.
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Completion 1955
ArchitectLe Corbusier
Client City of Ronchamp
Project ID 608
Latitude/Longitude 47°42'16N 06°37'13E
Contributed by Michael_Noordam
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