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Berlin State Library

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Hans Scharoun, Edgar Wisniewski
location Berlin
function library
contributed by MI_MOA

The so called New State Library (Neue Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin) located in the Kulturforum of Berlin is part of the institutions of the Prussian Cultural Heritage (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz) and is one of the dependances of the State Library that has its main building in the street Unter den Linden. The building in the Potsdamer Straße was built by the architect Hans Scharoun who had also designed the Philharmonie and the Chamber Music Hall at the Kulturforum. In the year 1978 the new library building was opened to the public. Soon, the building was well-known amongst others for its impressive reading room that also became one of the locations of Wim Wender´s prize awarded film "Wings of Desire" ("Himmel über Berlin").

cbossert says:
Every friday at 15:00 there is a 30 minutes tour inside the building. It is also free of charge. Just ask at information desk.
berlin, Germany 30-Sep-11
Beto says:
Barcelona, Spain 09-Aug-11
Doctor Casino says:
If your stay in Berlin does not overlap with the available guided tour, and you MUST see this building, you can register for a temporary library card by filling out a form and paying ~20 Euros. This is a steep fee for one building but worth it if you are a Scharoun completist and have no other option.
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Berlin State Library
Potsdamer Strasse 33
Project is public!
Opening hours Monday - Friday 9.00 - 21.00hr. Saturday 9.00 - 17.00hr. Every third Saturday of a month there is a guided tour through the building of the New State Library at Kulturforum, whih takes 1,5hr and is free, no registration required. Guided tours information: Tel. +49 (30) 266-0 and see also
How to get there? The Staatsbibliothek lies south of the Tiergarten and west of Potsdamer Platz. Ubahn/Sbahn: S1, S2, U2 Station: Potsdamer Platz
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Completion 1978
Main designer, ArchitectHans Scharoun
ArchitectEdgar Wisniewski
Project ID 8085
Latitude/Longitude 52°30'28N 13°22'17E
Contributed by MI_MOA
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