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Headquarter of the Berlin Water Works

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Thomas Hänni, Wening Architekten
location Berlin
function office
contributed by Nazar

The aesthetic language of the headquarters of the Berlinwasser Holding Company AG, has obvious links with the formal canons of expressionism and cubism from the early part of the 20th century. In addition, images from science fiction and fantasy architecture, as well as aesthetic principles from computer graphics and product design all have their place in the genealogy of the design. The facade impresses with its plasticity, figural ornament and the effect of materials. The protruding three-story bay element of the front facade seems to grow out of the lightly curved facade: protruding, as it were, 'through' the skin of the building. The design of the rear facades to the courtyard grew out of the desire to attain the maximum natural lighting of the rooms. Room-high windows aligned in a regular grid, warm colours and materials guarantee bright and friendly workspaces in all floors of the building.

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Headquarter of the Berlin Water Works
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Completion 2000
Main designer, ArchitectThomas Hänni
ArchitectWening Architekten
Project ID 10542
Latitude/Longitude 52°30'58N 13°24'34E
Contributed by Nazar
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