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Schlesisches Tor Social Centre

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Alvaro Siza Vieira
location Berlin
function community centre
contributed by vortez

This building was built in the same period as the famous 'Bonjour Tristesse' building in Schlesisches Tor, Berlin Kreuzberg. It's even located in the same block. Unfortunately it is not well taken care of.

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Kenny says:
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very good architecture in a poor condition. i hope people will appreciate sizas buildings in berlin one day.
Berlin, Germany 27-Jul-09
although this building and 'bonjour tristesse' are very interesting in terms of architecture, the area where they are is in a very poor condition and the buildings themselves are also in not a great shape. It's a shame, but that's reality.
Porto, Portugal 22-Jul-09
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Schlesisches Tor Social Centre
Falckensteinstraße 7
Project is not public!
How to get there? When you exit Underground Station 'Schlesiches Tor', you face the Schlesiche Straße right in front. If you go straight ahead, the Falckensteinstraße is the first on the right (in the corner where the 'Bonjour Tristesse' building stands). A few metres ahead is the building at your right hand.
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Completion 1987
ArchitectAlvaro Siza Vieira
Project ID 4583
Latitude/Longitude 52°29'57N 13°26'35E
Contributed by vortez
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