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Am Kaiserkai 1

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NPS Tchoban Voss
location Hamburg
function housing, office, restaurant
contributed by pkrajewski_pl

The project, which is one of the HafenCity district's more high-profile office buildings, is striking in design yet harmonises with the urban design elements of its surroundings. The building has a restaurant on its southern flank, offering sweeping views of the Glasbrookhafen marina, as well as a coffee shop on the Dalmannkai quay side, providing the quarter with additional attractive spaces to relax and enjoy Hamburg at its best (text from HafenCity Hamburg).

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Am Kaiserkai 1
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Completion 2008
Floor area/size 11000 m2
ArchitectNPS Tchoban Voss
Client ING RE Kaiserkai GmbH & Co. KG
Project ID 3876
Latitude/Longitude 53°32'29N 09°59'35E
Contributed by pkrajewski_pl
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