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Casa Rustici

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Giuseppe Terragni, Pietro Lingeri
location Milan
function housing
contributed by Marloes_Faber

This housing complex in Milan was built by famous fascist architect Giuseppe Terragni. He was important for the development of livable and cheap housing in 1930s Italy. Casa Rustica is located on Corso Sempione, an inportant thoroughfare to get into Milan's city centre. It has got a rooftop garden, to be used by all the building's occupants.

MI_MOA says:
Hi Anonymous, if you can email us at we will bring you in contact with a guide.
Rotterdam, Netherlands 10-Apr-15
Anonymous says:
Do someone know if it is possible to visit it with a 20 students group?
murungya says:
As far as I know CBC is right.
It is not easy to find information about him on the web, but it is in at, and I have read it previously.
So I would say (as far as I know) he was a fascist, but that is not why we like him.
Budapest, Hungary 06-Jun-11
cbc says:
Terragni was a committed member of the Fascist Party, which did not subscribe to any particular style of architecture, so the previous comments are incorrect. He supposedly renounced Fascism just before his death.
Ivan says:
Giuseppe Terragni wasn't a fascist architect. He lived and worked at the same period but he was razionalist. Fascist architecture is another one and use different expressive language inspired by ancient Rome.
Naomi says:
Hi .... , thanks for letting this know. I changed the information.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 25-Jul-09
Anonymous says:
The Terragni-Lingeri building is called Casa Rustici (and not casa rusticA...), architects Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri, construction 1933-1936
castillo torcuatro lenner says:
busco casa para familia corta a un percio comodo
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Casa Rustici
Corso Sempione 36
Project is not public!
How to get there? A 10-minute walk from the famous Parco Sempione.
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Completion 1936
Main designer, ArchitectGiuseppe Terragni
ArchitectPietro Lingeri
Project ID 2471
Latitude/Longitude 45°28'52N 09°09'58E
Contributed by Marloes_Faber
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