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Zona K

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ifdesign, Pietro Bagnoli
location Milan
function education, exposition space, theatre
contributed by liutaiogitano

This project is the renovation of an old work-space to settle a theatre school, but also a location for events, expositions and artistic performances. It is a flexible and neutral space but with its own identifiable nature. The project had to include a large free space, zenithal light and complex technological equipment. These questions have their solution in the central space where large suspended cones with variable diameter (from 138 to 380 cm) guide natural and artificial light and contain the installations.

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Zona K
Via Spalato 11
Project is public!
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Completion 2010
Main designer, Architectifdesign
ArchitectPietro Bagnoli
Client Zona K
Project ID 6837
Latitude/Longitude 45°29'17N 09°11'29E
Contributed by liutaiogitano
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