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Mario Fiorentino
location Rome
function housing
contributed by Maarten_Scheurwater

Corviale is one of the housing projects built on the outskirts of Rome in the 1970's as part of the 1964 regional plan to alleviate crowding in the older central city. It is well-known as the longest single residential building in Europe: an 11-story high slab of apartments nearly 1 km in length. Conceived as an independent community for about 8000 people including other facilities such as schools, shopping, recreation facilities and even a church, the building was based on the idea of social housing to provide all needed infrastructures of a city within the complex itself, and to encourage social contacts between the occupants. For internal and political reasons many of these originally planned structures were never realized or are, almost 20 years after the first occupants moved in, still unfinished. The area suffers from the lack of an adequate metropolitan infrastructure and it remains isolated from the greater city of which it was intended to be a part.

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Maria says:
The building is terrible, and the area it is located in , worse.. don't even bother going.. not worth you time
Shanon Ita says:
This is probably the most beautifull building in Rome. It would be a mistake not to visit it.
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Via Poggio Verde 100
Project is public!
Opening hours The general public places inside this housing block are open for the public to visit. Better not go there at night!
How to get there? Metro A (red line): Termini Cornelia (10 stops). Bus 889: with direction Mazzacurati (26 stops), get out at poggio verde/quadrelli.
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Completion 1983
ArchitectMario Fiorentino
Client Instituto Autonomo per le Case Populari
Project ID 116
Latitude/Longitude 41°51'09N 12°24'48E
Contributed by Maarten_Scheurwater
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