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Lateran University Library Extension

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King Roselli Architetti
location Rome
function library
contributed by Luigi_Prestinenza

The Lateran University Library in Rome found itself unable to cope with the growing number of books and the increasing requests from users. This resulted in the decision to create a new building to house a large, public reading room with annexed archives, easily accessible from both the external plaza and, via a first floor corridor, from the adjacent university buildings. The new structure with the reading rooms is volumetrically characterized by a sharp contrast between solids and voids or, in terms of effect, between light and shadow. These effects are obtained by significant cuts in the masonry and long strip windows that illuminate the interior spaces. What is more, the decision to recess the glazing means there is no need for any 'add-on' form of shading; the façade itself functions as a brise-soleil. Inside, the reading room is designed as an open central space encircled by a succession of three ramps. Their stepped form is rendered lightweight by the use of glass balustrades.

Kielce says:
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Katowice says:
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Gdynia says:
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Simon says:
I wanted to thank you for this great read!!

pet world 3d
admin88 says:
Lateran University Library Extension is very beautiful and very large cool space helps students to learn and create more creative ideas on their own. vex
ahmad-lebanese American University says:
Hi, I am a student in LAU and my major is architecture, I want to know from where I can get all the floor plans and sections of the library because I have a project about the library
harinezumi says:
@Ron: where's the connection with OMA? the overall cubic shape? I know pretty a lot of square building.
Ishtiaque says:
I like it .would be interested to visit on 1st july 2010
Dhaka, Bangladesh 17-Jun-10
daga says:
Hi! I tried to get there but unfortunately it's not possible anymore if you're not a univeristy student.
Security said it's private and even my two minute speech that i;m architecture student didnt work. Hope you're all gonna have more luck!
chris says:
this has to be one of the best places to read books i have ever been in
Ron says:
I donno why people are keep on copying the concept of OMA's Paris Library without understanding the nutshell. This buildingis a terrible place to read books.
Naomi says:
Hi srm, thanks for mentioning. We've changed the placemark on the map. Hope this is OK?
Amsterdam, Netherlands 22-Aug-08
srm says:
The map is wrong for this library, I searched for half an hour in the area. Is the building behind the walll that surrounds the block
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Lateran University Library Extension
Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano 4
Project is not public!
Opening hours Monday - Friday: 08.30 - 18.45. The library is normally not public, but with some luck you can encounter a visitor with keys. Entry into the reading room is allowed for students of the Pontifical Lateran University, through a card smart. Such a card can be issued to external students following a request to be presented at the reception. Library Service: tel.: 06-698.95.609 Library Fax: 06-698.86.107 e-mail:
How to get there? The library lies in-between the Via dei Laterani and the Palazzo del Laterano, somewhat hidden and accessed from a smaller street. The Library is accessible from the center with lines Atac 81, 85, 87, is also reachable from Termini by metro line A, Manzoni and S. Giovanni.
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Completion 10- 2006
Floor area/size 2660 m2
ArchitectKing Roselli Architetti
lighting designeriGuzzini
Client Pontificial Lateran University
Project ID 743
Latitude/Longitude 41°53'08N 12°30'13E
Contributed by Luigi_Prestinenza
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