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Nordic Countries Pavilion for the Venice Biennale

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Sverre Fehn
location Venice
function pavilion
contributed by lmattozz

In 1958 a competition is held for the design of the Nordic Countries Pavilion for the Venice Biennale (to host Sweden, Norway and Finland). Three architects are invited: the swedish Klas Anshelm, the norwegian Sverre Fehn and the finnish Reima Pietila. In 1959 Sverre Fehn is declared winner and by 1962 the Pavilion is completed. The pavilion is a single rectangular hall of 400 sqm, open completely on two sides. The roof is made of two overlapping layers of concrete beams. The distance between the beams is 52,1 cm and this changes only when the roof meets the trees. The pavilion is an example of the disappearing transition between interior and exterior.

fmka says:
very cool, looks much later than 1962; beautiful.
London, United Kingdom 29-Sep-11
allen says:
nice, i like the stair and the structure for the tree
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Nordic Countries Pavilion for the Venice Biennale
Giardini Pubblici
Project is public!
How to get there? Get off at the Giardini boat station and walk towards the Biennale entrance.
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Completion 6- 1962
ArchitectSverre Fehn
Client Swedish Government
Project ID 2799
Latitude/Longitude 45°25'43N 12°21'29E
Contributed by lmattozz
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