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Nakagin Capsule Tower

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Kisho Kurokawa
location Tokyo
function housing
contributed by Nazar

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is the world's first capsule architecture built for actual use. Capsule architecture design, establishment of the capsule as room and insertion of the capsule into a mega-structure, expresses its contemporaneousness with other works of liberated architecture from the later 1960's, in particular England's Archigram Group, France's Paul Memon, and Yona Friedman The Nakagin Capsule Tower takes on the challenge of the issue of whether mass production can express a diverse new quality. The Tower also strives to establish a space for the individual as a criticism to the Japan that modernized without undergoing any establishment of an "self". Kurokawa developed the technology to install the capsule units into a concrete core with only 4 high-tension bolts, as well as making the units detachable and replaceable. The capsule is designed to accommodate the individual as either an apartment or studio space, and by connecting units can also accommodate a family.

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Nakagin Capsule Tower
Ginza 8-16-10
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Completion 1972
Floor area/size 3100 m2
ArchitectKisho Kurokawa
Project ID 12079
Latitude/Longitude 35°39'57N 139°45'48E
Contributed by Nazar
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