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Municipal Orphanage

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Aldo van Eyck
location Amsterdam
function education, kindergarten
contributed by Jose_Garcia

The layout reconciles the advantages of a centralized structure with those of a decentralizes pattern of pavilions. The pavilions system is transformed into a continuous but perforated built volume within which both the pavilions and the main block are identifiable. The entrance court is the heart of the building, it's adjoined by a spacious lobby where the building´s two internal streets intersect. The residential units are arranged in a staggered formation, giving each of them a communication with an individual outdoor space and with the internal street. The result is a poly centric building, with an articulation of large and small, inside and outside, in a successions of units, each defined in its own right, while interlocking rhythmically. Underlying this balance is a strictly upheld architectural order, consisting of columns, load-bearing walls and architraves which combine to form a square grid of beams. The roof domes on top of the grid provide a continuous spatial articulation.

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3lliott says:
Disappointingly has fallen mostly into disuse. No way to get into the building, unless you visit the dental surgeon occupying part of the project. It's now a place for squatters.
Auckland , New Zealand 07-Jan-16
James says:
What is the adress?
Mieke says:
@Amy : Thanks for mentioning! We've changed the number.
Rotterdam, Netherlands 24-Sep-12
Amy says:
It is just the wrong is IJsbaanpad 1, 3 5 and not 2 because that is on the opposite side of the road.
yousra qamar says:
plz add more detail.... wwell gd job you have done
Gerard says:
Een to-the-point site die info zoals locatie,functie, adres, architect, de klant... overzichtelijk maakt. Een uitstekende beschrijving van het gebouw waardoor je het leert te begrijpen in zijn geheel. Voornamelijk het interieur en ook het ontwerp worden aan bod gebracht. Echter ontbreken onderwerpen zoals materialen en wat meer info over de architect en zijn denkwijze.
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Municipal Orphanage
IJsbaanpad 3
Public access unknown!
How to get there? Ijsbaanpad -Tram: 16, 24 -Bus: 62, 170, 172, N372
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Completion 1960
ArchitectAldo van Eyck
Client Frans van Meurs Burgerweeshuis
Project ID 2646
Latitude/Longitude 52°20'27N 04°51'24E
Contributed by Jose_Garcia
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