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Claus en Kaan Architecten
location Rijsenhout
function religion, church
contributed by MI_MOA

This Netherlands Reformed Church exists out of three parts: the church itself, a wing with meeting rooms and services and a house. These parts are connected with a large hall. The church was built by nearby international airport Schiphol in about 400 days. Because of economic growth Schiphol needed space and has been buying and demolishing houses in and around its neighborhood since 1990. The former church building stayed put and was eventually replaced by a new building, after 14 years of talks.

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full size map
Aalsmeerderweg 751
Project is public!
Completion 10- 2006
Floor area/size 878 m2
Cost € 1450000,-
ArchitectClaus en Kaan Architecten
services engineerAdviesbureau VanderWeele
acoustics consultantAdviesbureau VanderWeele
structural engineerABT
Client Schiphol Real Estate
Project ID 192
Latitude/Longitude 52°15'47N 04°42'39E
Contributed by MI_MOA
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