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Erasmus Bridge

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location Rotterdam
function bridge
contributed by Naomi

Paris has the Eiffel Tower; New York has the Empire State Building; in Rotterdam it's the Erasmus bridge. Its structural scale and design articulation has become a distinctive landmark within the surrounding skyline. This cable-stay bridge links the northern and southern parts of the city with a 802 m span in spectacular style. The bridge deck is supported by steel cables slung over a single pylon that is bent to counter the forces of tension. Traffic passes underneath the 139 m pylon as it straddles the roadway. The structure is called "the Swan" by locals because of its graceful posture over the water. The Erasmus Bridge is such a dramatic departure in bridge building that it has even become part of the city's official logo. The top part of pylon of the bridge is reachable through an internal staircase.

Ben Page says:

One Amazing Bridge!

See this project also at architectuurplaquette
Delft, Netherlands 03-Mar-09
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Erasmus Bridge
Willemsplein 85
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Completion 1996
Client Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Rotterdam
Project ID 537
Latitude/Longitude 51°54'33N 04°29'11E
Contributed by Naomi
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