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Purifying Plant Roteb

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Maarten Struijs
location Rotterdam
function energy centre
contributed by Peter_Varkevisser_Photography

New environmental regulations in the eighties of the last century necessitated the original purifying plant to be replaced. Located next to the busy entrance of the Maas-tunnel, a lot of attention was paid to the exterior. The gas that come free of burning waste is purified in this building. There is also a water-purification installation inside, and an Electricity plant. Wrapped around the plant is a tight skin of silver-coloured steel sandwich-panels which also absorbs the noise made by the machinery. The design of the curved walls successfully reconciles the building with the surroundings, despite of it's size. The different elements of the plant are recognizable from the outside shape. The installations form the structural base for the façade. The architect, Maarten Stuijs designed this building when working for the municipality of Rotterdam. His views on architecture focus on the shape, rather than the programme. Each of his buildings is characterized by an autonomous expression.

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Purifying Plant Roteb
Brielselaan 175
Project is not public!
Opening hours Monday to Friday 8.15 - 15.45 hr.
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Completion 1993
ArchitectMaarten Struijs
Client Roteb
Project ID 1512
Latitude/Longitude 51°53'36N 04°28'34E
Contributed by Peter_Varkevisser_Photography
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