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Sport College Leidsche Rijn

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Wiel Arets Architects
location Utrecht
function secondary school, sport
contributed by Bjorn_Utpott

Situated in the Leidsche Rijn, a newly built housing district within the periphery of Utrecht, the Sports Campus aims to contribute a public and rather iconographic aspect to the predominantly low-rise area, lacking points of recognition. Two schools, divided up into four wings, stretched out onto the boundaries of the terrain, are organized around a centrally positioned volume containing the shared facilities. The campus facilitates, next to an educational program, a gymnasium, vocational school, in and outdoor sports facilities and a cultural centre. The structure and concrete walls are mostly left raw, to create a rough interior and to sustain the adolescent behavior of its users, and also meets the limited budgets. Young sports talents are able to combine school with intense training. Approaching the campus complex, one notices a subtle movement in the shiny black panels, in which a constant graduated relief has been cast, offering subtle tactile qualities on the exterior facade.

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Sport College Leidsche Rijn
Maartvlinder 1
Project is not public!
Opening hours please contact the school first, before visiting the building.
How to get there? From Utrecht Central Station: Bus 28 with direction Vleuterweide, stop at Korianderstraat, next to the school (11 min). Bicycle: from Utrecht through Verlengde Vleutenseweg to Vleuten. Directly west of the Vleutensebrug, cross the trafficlights. You are now on the new main road to Leidsche Rijn. Take the first street on the left to Parkwijk/Langerak. Go strait on, pass the pavilion by Stanley Brown, and you’ll see the black school on your right.
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Completion 2006
Floor area/size 19107 m2
ArchitectWiel Arets Architects
Client Sport College LR + VN Leidsche Rijn
Project ID 600
Latitude/Longitude 52°05'33N 05°03'40E
Contributed by Bjorn_Utpott
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