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Archaeological Site of Praca Nova

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Joao Luis Carrilho da Graca, João Gomes da Silva
location Lisbon
function museum
contributed by alemen

A discontinuous corten steel wall defines Archaeological Site of Praça Nova, and leaves a perimetric walkway next to the castle walls, the final limit of the plot. Inside of the corten boundary a white shelter, elevated from the ground, houses the ruins. Like a reinterpretation of the old construction the new white box follows the antiques lines of the walls, but not touches them. Between the building and the ruins there is a long gap which allows to see the different textures and finishes of both constructions.

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Archaeological Site of Praca Nova
Rua Castelo de São Jorge 129
Project is public!
How to get there? Bus: 37. Eléctricos: 12, 28.
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Completion 2010
Floor area/size 3500 m2
Main designer, ArchitectJoao Luis Carrilho da Graca
Landscape architectJoão Gomes da Silva
Project ID 8104
Latitude/Longitude 38°42'50N 09°08'01W
Contributed by alemen
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