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Champalimaud Center for the Unknown

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Charles Correa Associates
location Lisbon
function clinic, laboratorium
contributed by Rui_Correia

The champalimaud Foundation supports individual researchers and research teams working at the cutting edge of medical science. It aims to stimulate novel theoretical and practical methodologies by utilizing the experience of both research scientists and medical practitioners, connecting pure scientific investigation with applied clinical research. The champalimaud foundation aims to maximize the work being done in the fields of cancer research and neuroscience, including stem cell research and its clinical applications for parkinson's and alzheimer's disease, diabetes and spinal injury.

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Champalimaud Center for the Unknown
Av. de Brasília
Public access unknown!
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Completion 2010
ArchitectCharles Correa Associates
Client F Champalimaud
Project ID 9637
Latitude/Longitude 38°41'34N 09°13'18W
Contributed by Rui_Correia
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