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Feira Internacional de Lisboa

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António Barreiros Ferreira & Alberto França Dória - Arquitectos
location Lisbon
contributed by IPMMCvastgoed

FIL's premises are located at Parque das Nações, since the end of Expo'98. During Expo'98, the premises were used for the event, but the construction project was designed with the intent of becoming the premises for the new FIL. The Exhibition Centre covers a total area of 100.000 sqm. The 4 exhibition halls, with approximately 10.368 sqm/each, mainly distribute 60.000 sqm of the usable area of the exhibition centre. The building is distributed by the Underground Parking, Floor 0 ( Grand Hall, 4 similar exhibition halls, 3 halls and 1 meeting room), Floor 1 (3 meeting rooms) and FIL's Management Services.

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Feira Internacional de Lisboa
alameda dos oceanos 1
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Completion 7- 1998
Floor area/size 100000 m2
ArchitectAntónio Barreiros Ferreira & Alberto França Dória - Arquitectos
Project ID 6788
Latitude/Longitude 38°46'18N 09°05'39W
Contributed by IPMMCvastgoed
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