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Lisbon Justice Campus

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Nuno Leónidas Arquitectos, FVarq
location Lisbon
function court building, government
contributed by Ana_Santos

Under the scope of the Judicial System Modernization Program, arises the New Lisbon Justice Campus, in an area called the 'Office Park Expo'. This development is an integrated and modern office park, composed by 10 office buildings, surrounded by a large structure of green spaces. The North side is composed by 5 buildings and a Tower with 18 floors. From the whole office area, this magnificent tower can be seen. It has a double glassed skin façade, and together with the VIP Square (a large exterior lobby), this place becomes an institutional meeting point. The building's modular design guarantees the poly-valence and flexibility, allowing it to be suitable to the necessities of the 'Lisbon Judicial Services'. The buildings were designed by different architecture firms.

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Lisbon Justice Campus
Av. Dom João II
Project is public!
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Completion 9- 2008
Floor area/size 41500 m2
Cost € 2147483647,-
Main designer, ArchitectNuno Leónidas Arquitectos
associate architect Saraiva & Associados
Client Norfin
Project ID 6811
Latitude/Longitude 38°46'23N 09°05'49W
Contributed by Ana_Santos
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