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Boa Nova Tea House

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Alvaro Siza Vieira
location Matosinhos
function pavilion
contributed by Chris_Luth

This restaurant (also known as Casa de Chá Boa-Nova) was finished in the year Siza turned thirty. Boldly positioned on the rocks that form the coast of Matosinhos, on the outskirts of Porto, this beautifully detailed masterpiece offers beautiful meals as well. Make sure to open the huge windows!

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Grace says:
Now it is said that it's being refurbished, but in fact it is almost in ruins. There was no one there and I couldn't go inside. The whole house just seemed kind of shabby... Since the notice on the wall did not show when it would open again, I suggest if you do not have enough time you can skip this one on your architecture trip.
almost perfect.... natural design... great architecture! Siza's first (and great) steps!
Lisbon, Portugal 15-May-09
Filipe_CS says:
As in all Siza's works, you have to walk thru to capture all aspects of the "Casa de Chá da Boa Nova". As we arrive to the car park we see the entrace but we only reach it if we climb the stairs that directs the eyes to the sea before turning 90 degrees and again see the entrance, a very low porch protecting you from the north wind and wich wich directs visitors towards the interior, turing left to the sea.
Stepping in, there's two windows: one at the eye level where you can see the ocean horizon and far and down, at the and of the stairs, the rocks and the waves.
The two main rooms have roofs descending towards the sea and the low west sun, protecting the long horizontal windows.
At a detail level the woodwork has a craftsmen feeling.
The furniture is Siza's work too.
Matosinhos, Portugal 03-Aug-08
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Boa Nova Tea House
R. Cel. Hélder Ribeiro
Project is public!
Opening hours The restaurant is open every day except Sunday. You can reserve for diner at geral[at] or call +351 22 9951785
How to get there? Situated from the main road by some 300 meters, the building is accessed from a nearby parking lot through a system of platforms and stairs. The tea house is located some 20 minute drive north of Porto.
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Completion 1963
ArchitectAlvaro Siza Vieira
Client City of Matosinhos
Project ID 1123
Latitude/Longitude 41°12'11N 08°42'55W
Contributed by Chris_Luth
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