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Transparent Building

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Manuel de Solà-Morales
location Porto
function leisure, park, shopping centre
contributed by Joao_Sousa

Being part of an urban plan to redesign the westend seafront of the city park, this building serves a shopping centre and leisure centre in combination with seaside activities. The entire building is constructed in white concrete and the façade is made out of pre-fabricated white concrete slabs. The interior offers some interesting spaces that overview the atlantic ocean, creating a lot of shades and light effects on the afternoon.

dcv says:
it is not about the building at all; it is about all the public space, mobility infrastructure sea front, urban park, parking, ... it is about bring the city towards the sea ... beautiful! ... one of the better urban designs in Porto.
Porto, Portugal 26-Oct-16
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Transparent Building
Esplanada do Rio de Janeiro
Project is public!
How to get there? Right at the end of "Avenida da Boavista" on the seafront at the westend of the city park. By bus it's the stop "Castelo do Queijo"
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Completion 2002
Architect, Urban plannerManuel de Solà-Morales
Client Polis-Porto
Project ID 1635
Latitude/Longitude 41°10'18N 08°41'16W
Contributed by Joao_Sousa
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