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Hospital Militar Police Station

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Mestura arquitectes
location Barcelona
function police station
contributed by Sander_Laudy

This police station, part of a spatial masterplan for the entire Hospital Militar area, is the most striking of the three already realized buildings. The top section on the street side projects five metres beyond the lower part, by means of a steel structure. The resulting portico ushers the visitor inside. At the rear, a set-back equal to the projection at the front provides a counter movement to the green embankment. Emblazoned in man-sized letters on the recessed, ground-floor street façade is the word MOSSOS (The regional police force). It was done using the same pixel technique that Salvador Dalí employed in 'Lincoln in Dalívision'. Inside, the building concentrates on its function as a work environment: open and light, clearly organized and indifferent to the question of whether it conforms to a particular image. This is most apparent in the cells which are painted pink and have no sharp angles.

ducklife says:
The image of the police hospital building is very beautiful. The interior is very beautiful and quite solid.

wings io
new york, United States 26-Feb-19
enable says:
Effortlessly the webpage will certainly become popular somewhere between many posting together with site-building folk, problems . painstaking articles or blog posts or sometimes reviews.
sindh, Pakistan 08-Feb-19
Daisyanna says:
I will embark on doing it. Hope you can continue to contribute your talents in this area. Thank you.
run 3
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Hospital Militar Police Station
Avenida Hospital Militar 169-205
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Completion 2006
ArchitectMestura arquitectes
Client Departement d'Interior / Generalitat de Catalunya
Project ID 877
Latitude/Longitude 41°25'00N 02°08'29E
Contributed by Sander_Laudy
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