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Santa Catarina Market

23 ratings
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Enric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT
location Barcelona
function housing, market
contributed by MI_MOA

Wonderful Mercat Santa Caterina strikes a magical balance between local producers and consumers, contemporary architecture and tourism. The redevelopment retains its original use as a retail food market. A huge, undulating canopy covers an existing, former rundown neo-classical market in a large square within sight of the gothic cathedral. The canopy consists of a mosaic of 325,000 vividly multicolored hexagonal Spanish tiles set in mortar, "whose various colors recall a sill life of produce." It is a view that will be particularly appreciated by the residents of the neighboring apartment blocks. The roof is supported on three primary clear-span trusses that cut through, up and over the roof. But, from below, it reads as an organic timber assembly. At the opposite end from the retained arcade, an irregular latticework of timber slats brings to mind an Indonesian village hall - a typically offbeat Miralles invention and a reminder that he worked on this design before his death in 2000.

J_W says:
much more interesting than barceloneta market - this at least has some soul
Katowice, Poland 04-Sep-13
Arti-Fact says:
Street view of this building
Amsterdam, Netherlands 19-Dec-12

Napoli, Italy 27-May-11
Naomi says:

Amsterdam, Netherlands 06-Jul-08
Some impressions of the building can be seen in the following video sequence....Enjoy!
Berlin, Germany 03-Jul-08
Naomi says:
It is said that "an elevator will be completed to bring visitors up from market level." We would vote ‘no’ to an elevator: the project is much more compelling knowing that you can not see the entire roof from above...
Amsterdam, Netherlands 19-Apr-07
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Santa Catarina Market
Avinguda de Francesc Cambó 16
Project is public!
Opening hours Barcelona's daily food markets are all in covered halls and are open daily between 8am and 3pm and 5pm till 8pm, though times may change in summer and winter.
How to get there? Metro : Jaume I (Line 4)
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Completion 5- 2005
Floor area/size 29596 m2
ArchitectEnric Miralles & Benedetta Tagliabue EMBT
services engineerPGI Grup
Client Foment de Ciutat Vella
Project ID 257
Latitude/Longitude 41°23'11N 02°10'40E
Contributed by MI_MOA
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