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Suites Avenue Apartments

3 ratings
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Toyo Ito, Cirici & Basso, Factoria UDA
location Barcelona
function commercial space, hotel
contributed by Jose_Garcia

The project transforms a former office building into a touristic luxury apartments. The team formed by the studios of Carles Basso and Toni Olaya, both specialized in hotel projects, carries out the design of almost all the project. The client's wishes of reached an exclusivity image for this project, located on an emblematic site, Passeig de Gracia in front of Gaudi's La Pedrera, drive to entrust with Toyo Ito the design of the façade and hall. Toyo Ito designs an organic façade directly inspired by Gaudi. The façade consist of an 8 mm. waving aluminium sheet, on which cuts are made to generate openings. The façade performs a double role: in the first one acts like a sculptural mask hiding the real black elevation of the building, in the second allows the interior spaces be completely open to the outside looking to La Pedrera and, at the same time, preserves their privacy.

J_W says:
I do not agree with such a low rating. The building is very remarkable. The torn fabirc like facade speaks very well to Casa Battlo which is located within sight. Very interesting development of Gaudi's organic ideas. At the first glance you can say this has to have Japanese origins ...
Katowice, Poland 04-Sep-13
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Suites Avenue Apartments
Passeig de Gracia 83
Project is not public!
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Completion 3- 2009
Main designer, ArchitectToyo Ito
ArchitectCirici & Basso
ArchitectFactoria UDA
Client Derby Hotels
Project ID 5493
Latitude/Longitude 41°23'39N 02°09'42E
Contributed by Jose_Garcia
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