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Eco Boulevard

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Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos
location Madrid
function meeting room, pavilion, square
contributed by MI_MOA

This is a series of sustainable public spaces, a meeting point for those who live in the area of Vallecas, a suburb of Madrid. It is on a 500 x 50 m road, a pilot experience for the climatic adaptation of outdoor spaces, awarded in 2004 at the Eco-Boulevard competition organized by the Residential Innovation management office within the Municipal Housing Corporation of Madrid and funded by the European Union (LIFE programme). The tree of air is a light structure that is self-sufficient and can be dismantled. It consumes only what it can produce through photovoltaic solar energy collection systems. Selling this energy to the power network generates a superavit on the annual balance sheet and this is reinvested in the maintenance of the structure. “Three Pavilions, or air-trees, work as supports, open to multiple activities chosen by the users. Installed in the non-city as temporary prostheses, they will be used only until the inactivity and climatic adaptation problem is corrected.”

Barbara says:
I've been in Madrid last week. I reached the location by metro (metro Line 1 - Congosto). Then you must follow Calle del Congosto and turn left in Calle del Puerto de Porzuma. At the end of the street you can find Boulevard de la Naturaleza. The tower are three, with different solutions. Also many of the architectural solutions of the buldings are very interesting.
Naomi says:
Thanks Valerio! I've corrected the location of the pinpoint on the map.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 11-Aug-10
Valerio says:
It's clearly visibel on Google Maps (satellite viwe): they're located in Boulevard de la Naturaleza, next to Vallecas 11 Social Hounsig by Somos Arquitectos
Naomi says:
If anyone has better information, on where exactly this tower is located on the map, please let us know (click the button on the lower-left corner of the page)
Amsterdam, Netherlands 08-Apr-10
Blanka Jansen says:
This project must be on the wrong place on the map. The tower was not there (8-4-2010)
Naomi says:
address: Bulevar de la naturaleza, in PAU de Vallecas. The new neighbouring of Vallecas does not yet exist officially. That is why google maps does not recognize the address.
Amsterdam, Netherlands 23-Apr-07
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Eco Boulevard
Bulevar de la naturaleza 1
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Completion 2005
Floor area/size 314 m2
Cost € 1200000,-
ArchitectEcosistema Urbano Arquitectos
Client Municipal Housing Corporation Madrid (EMVS)
Project ID 211
Latitude/Longitude 40°22'13N 03°37'49W
Contributed by MI_MOA
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