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Peine del Viento

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Eduardo Chillida
location San Sebastián
function art, culture, sculpture
contributed by hansbrinker

At one end of the Bay in San Sebastian at the foot of Mount Igeldo was where Eduardo Chillida placed his favorite piece of work, the Wind Comb (Peine del Viento), in 1977, with three spectacular pieces of steel anchored to the rocks and surrounded by the sea. This is a magical space, which is a unique example of harmony between art and landscape. The place, according to Eduardo Chillida, is the sole focus of works of art, and is a vital factor that conditions any activity. As the beginning and end of the urban fabric in San Sebastián, the Wind Comb combines the artist’s main concerns but it is the concept of space that stands out most clearly. The artist’s work is not included in a space but the work itself creates the space. “This is a place that, in itself, has attracted my attention throughout my entire life. We all usually have a place like this in our lives...”; “...the place has given me an idea of what I’m going to do”.

Naomi says:
Hi Jan Urban,
Thanks for your remark, I think Hans, nor we (at MIMOA) knew about the design of the architect. So we just published the Plaza del Tenis as a separate project on MIMOA: Plaza del Tenis
This publication of the Peine del Viento is refering to the work of the sculptor (that's why it's categorised under the functions 'art, culture, sculpture').
Amsterdam, Netherlands 14-Sep-16
jan urban says:
jan urban says:
it's a shame you did not mention the architect! Luis Peña Ganchegui, recently deceased, designed the surrounding public space, called "Plaza del Tenis". If you ask for credit in your photos you should be more careful with this things.
There is no problem to use my photos if you say that the photos are mine. You can find my photos in a best quality in my flickr gallery (

Basauri, Spain 25-May-08
Impy Pilapil or says:
Dear Mr. Brinker, I am writing about my visit to San Sebastian but my photos of Peine delos Vientos are not very good because it was a cloudy day when I was there. Is it possible to use your pictures with attached credit to your name?
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Peine del Viento
Paseo del Piene de los Vientos
Project is public!
Opening hours 24/7
How to get there? Walk all the way along the bay La Concha, towards the west. You'll find the sculptures at the feet of the monte Igeldo. Next to the sea, at the end of the boulevard.
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Completion 1977
ArtistEduardo Chillida
Client City of Donostia
Project ID 1603
Latitude/Longitude 43°19'13N 02°00'17W
Contributed by hansbrinker
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